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Stephanie Sweeney

Stephanie Sweeney


I am a California girl, born and bred. Lucky to be married to my best friend, Bob, and we have two amazing sons, Matt and Josh. We moved to Seal Beach in 2005 and can't believe how wonderful this town is. The people are so friendly and you actually know the names of your neighbors! There is plenty of community spirit everywhere you go.

I spend my leisure time taking long walks with my husband and most of the time the weather is fabulous so we are often on our beach cruisers. In the warmer months we like to go down and surf fish along the shore in the early mornings.Seal Beach has a vast recreation department and many classes are offered for adults and children. I personally love to swim so the deep water aerobics class is perfect for me.

The best time of the year is the Indian summer the town experiences during the early fall. Lots of football fans in the community and my Bronco flag flies from the opening game until Superbowl Sunday.I have enjoyed my years in real estate and look forward to working with people who want to learn more about our "Mayberry by the Sea".