Thank you for you continued interest in Ocean Place Seal Beach

What's Happing This Month, July 2017?

During my chat Monday with the Project Manager, he explained in very few words that he is still working on the final plans. While that update leaves us wanting to know more, I recently observed something that I thought worth of sharing. Watch the video below for more information...

Lots and/or finished homes 

Since the last update, I have completed my own analysis of the lot values which I will make available upon request. The Project Management team is conducting their own proforma and feels as though the finished price per sq/ft needs to be closer to $900. 

Presently the team is leaning towards offering individual lots for sale. Several home builders have expressed interest in purchasing and developing the project, but a package deal may not bring the best margin for the current owners.

Current Timeline

  • Fall 2017 - Pull grading permit**
  • October '17/December '17- Grading can begin for park and development**
  • 2018 - Finished lots may be available for purchase in very small phases of 1-2 at a time**

**Estimates contained in this timeline are contingent upon, amongst other things, how quickly the Coastal Commission responds. We have another update call scheduled for mid-next month at which time we'll provide you with the most current information we have.

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