Recently I was having a conversation with another local business owner about the annual Best of Seal Beach Readers Poll hosted by the Sun Newspaper. Being local business owners, we are intimately aware of the opportunities created by winning an award, but outside our "bubble" many residents may not even know about poll.

Suffice it to say that everyone has an opinion about their list of Seal Beach "favorites", and if stopped on the street nearly everyone could name their favorite restaurant or Postal Worker (that one's a no brainer... Gino). But your opinion, your vote for all your other favorites in Seal Beach can have a positive, lasting impact on people and businesses.

Authors Request: Vote now for your favorite 25 people & businesses that make Seal Beach great.

We are a small community that is built on and supported by the relationships and referrals that happen here on a daily basis. I'd be willing to guess that you give at least 25 suggestions and referrals to friends or neighbors over the course of a year. 

Now imagine if you could give those same referrals, every day for an entire year? That is EXACTLY what you are doing when you place a vote for any one of the categories in the Best of Seal Beach Readers Poll. 

For the next 12 months, the winners proudly display their award and get to enjoy bragging rights with you for vote! What's more fun than supporting a local business (that you already open your wallet for) than sharing in their accolades?