You deny it, but here is how I know.

You don't have a rock solid system to follow up with your entire database. Your family, friends, past client's and anyone who comes in contact with people buying or selling real estate don't keep you top of mind. 

Can you tell yourself with complete confidence that you "touch" EVERYONE in your database at least once a month? Here is a snapshot of how our emails (just once facet of how we stay in touch with leads & clients) perform.

If you're not staying in touch with your SOI (sphere of influence) by providing quality information monthly, your potential client's are cheating on you and they don't even know it!

How do I know? Last week one of our new Realtors imported her entire email list into our exclusive system. After sending one of our high performing emails (to thousands of people), she literally was flooded with new leads from within her existing database.

Imagine her surprise to find out that right under her nose were 67 people that literally raised their hands to be contacted? 

She picked up the phone and started dialing. The first 8 numbers she reached their voicemail, #9 answered but already had a Realtor... but then magic happened.

#10 answered and remembered her and the email she had sent. It turns out she is currently  in the market to buy and was pleased to hear from our Realtor. Imagine our agent's delight, and she still had anther 57 people to call!

Too often we're convinced that "real estate is a numbers game". That is only partially true. The reality is, being successful is about having the correct tools that help you sift through the leads so you are only talking to the few people that are ready transact at any given moment (that's context).

You have the same gold nuggets in your database and we can help you find them. 

Are you ready?